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WP Weightlifting

Weightlifting is extremely rewarding and can be done safely by almost anyone of any age.  It can provide a means for an individual to stay independent and strong throughout their lifetime.  

Our Weightlifting program focuses on improving technical proficiency in the snatch, clean and jerk as well as all related lifts and accessory exercises such as presses, pulls, squats, etc.  We believe that proper, deliberate movement is paramount in finding success in Weightlifting as well as staying injury free and we do our best to address this.  To accomplish this, we will perform individual movement analyses to identify both potential risk factors as well as limitations to your weightlifting performance.  Your individual programs or private coaching sessions will be personally tailored for you and can be supplemental to your current training regimen or a stand alone lifting program so that you can efficiently achieve the power, strength, and coordination capacities you want out of a Weightlifting program.  

In case you are new to weightlifting, a typical session would look something like this:

  • General/Specific Warm-up - increase heart rate and blood flow as well as address any specific issues the athlete may have
  • Full Lift(s) - practice positions and weightlifting technique
  • Squat - build the strength to catch and standup with heavier weights
  • Press/Pull/Accessory - build the strength around the frame to accommodate increased loads
  • Core Work - abdominal and back strength work to allow the athlete to maintain proper positions throughout the lift and effectively transfer power
  • Cooldown/Mobility - gradually let the body cool down after training while addressing any specific issues found during the session​

What we offer:

We offer two different options to try and best accommodate your needs.  We have private coaching sessions where you will work one-on-one with a coach giving immediate feedback on you lifts and throughout the session.  We also offer online coaching which allows you to follow your personally tailored program and send us video footage for us to critique and send feedback on.  Whatever works best for you, we will do our best to make sure you receive the attention you deserve and need.

Olympic Weightlifting, commonly referred to as Weightlifting, is a unique barbell sport known for the greatest power outputs in a single athletic event in all of sport.  When athletes of other sports engage in weightlifting to enhance their sporting performance, they are taking advantage of the amazing benefits that weightlifitng can effectively and efficiently provide.  Whether you are engaged in weightlifting for weightlifting's sake, or you've implemented it in your training to enhance your sport specific performance, you are sharing in the benefits that weightlifting offers such as improvements in total body, core-to-extremity strength, power and coordinated movement along with maximized body wide mobility and functional stability.​


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