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When most people think of gymnastics, they think of the sport of gymnastics in which people do impossible maneuvers on bars, rings or from the floor.  These athletes are unrivaled when it comes to coordinated movement of their bodies through space.  They also have achieved a level of strength, power and mobility that is not seen in other sport.  

However, at its core, gymnastics is much more basic than what these athletes showcase.  In its purest form, it is the practice of accuracy, precision, and efficiency in any and all bodyweight movements. Many other movement practices have similar foundations such as parkour, capoeira and even functional movement training.

WP Gymnastics

WP Gymnastics personally tailored sessions and programming emphasizes technique and strength for building competency in bodyweight movement and skills.  We want you to experience a variety of movement practices and their foundational movements to help keep your time with us fun and engaging.  The core of our program is built around building efficiency and strength in functional movements such as the squat, push up, pull up, jump, and everyone's favorite, the get-up (a.k.a burpee).  Once competency has been established with these movements, we like to branch out and introduce other skills from freerunning, capoeira, and gymnastics such as brachiating (swinging), climbing, tumbling or pullovers.  We then take your increased capacity in the core functional movements and progress them into movements like a single leg squat, muscle up, handstand and handstand push up.  Mastering basic gymnastic skills, their progressions and learning advance skills can help any athlete increase their coordination, spatial awareness, and body control.  This enhanced movement capacity will lead to decreased injury and increased performance in whatever sport you engage in.

Whether you are searching for a new movement practice, need help with improving efficiency of your functional movement, or need a little extra help getting that first muscle up, our gymnastics program is a great place to start.