Most people think high volume, low intensity distance when they think and train for their endurance events.  Even though this has been the standard for most endurance training for some time, athletes and coaches alike are finding that the inclusion of other types of training can supplement and even replace much of the long slow distance.  Let's face it, not everyone has time to put in several hour training sessions.  Take advantage of your physiology, decrease the volume and push the intensity so that you can reach your potential while being more economical with your time.​  This paradigm shift is giving rise to huge improvements in endurance event performance and attributes whether you are running, biking, swimming, or all three.  

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WP Endurance's goal is to mold you into the best you possible.  If you want to be faster, more powerful, leaner and build your body into a machine that will last in your sport, it is time to step away from the old school mindset of high volume, low intensity.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't have sessions with long slow distance as the major training stimulus.  As an endurance athlete, you have to go long sometimes.  It just means that there are more efficient ways to get you to your endurance goals as well as help bulletproof your body.

Building power and speed is how you create a faster, stronger, more efficient endurance machine.  Our strength and conditioning program for endurance athletes identifies what the exact needs are of the individual athletes and delivers a personally tailored program to help you reach your goals.  This program will also have the added benefits of decreasing recovery time, reducing the likelihood of injury, enhancing lean muscle, and longevity in your sport.  You can expect to do sport specific training as well as Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastic and body control exercises, running, jumping, sprinting and mobility/flexibility support exercises to help keep you feeling 100%. 

It is impossible to be involved in the fitness world and not have heard "routine is the enemy.'  It really is.  If you are tired of your repetitive training routine, don't have the time to put several 2+ hour sessions in per week, or are just interested in adding a strength program onto your current training program, WP Endurance is for you.  It doesn't matter if you are thinking about signing up for your first 5k or you 10th marathon, adding a program like ours will get you to the results you want.

What we offer:

We offer both programming as well as private coaching sessions to help you enhance your endurance athletic performance.  The private coaching sessions are really a way for us to provide feedback on specific exercises in your program as well as give you the attention and accountability that will help you reach your goals.  If you are new with us, we have to see you move before we can provide private sessions or programming.  We want to make sure we are maximizing your safety while you train with us.​